PKROD335 Douglas C-133B Cargomaster
The C-133B Cargomaster was an American heavy-duty transport aircraft designed in the late 1950s. At one time it was the largest aircraft in its class, and the only one that could transport almost the entire range of arms of the US Army of any size. The C-133B's main difference from the earlier C-133A was its double-hatch cargo door, which significantly increased the range of dimensions of cargo that the aircraft could transport. It was also equipped with more powerful Pratt & Whitney T34-P-9W engines. The aircraft was extensively used during the Cold War between the superpowers to transfer large volumes of military cargo from the United States to Western Europe. The C-133B was used during the Vietnam War, and apart from military service, aircraft of this type were involved in the US space programme for the repair of space equipment at Cape Canaveral, and finally, transferred to storage bases or museums. In total, 15 C-133B aircraft were manufactured.
Markings for USAF C-133B-1DL Cargomaster, s/n 59-0536, 1501ST Military Air Wing, 1965.
Plastic model assembly kit, requires paint and glue.
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Released Feb'20