PKTM01687 Tu-128M Fiddler
Supersonic twin-engine all-weather interceptor Tu-128 (Tu-28) was a product of the former Soviet Tupolev Design Bureau intended to intercept US B-52 bombers, and to date is the largest and heaviest air combat fighter in the world. Prototype developed in 1958, first flight in 1961, in production until 1970 with 198 aircraft built. NATO assigned code names to Soviet fighter aircraft beginning letter F. Tu-128 was NATO code Fiddler. Max speed approx 1,200mph unarmed. Prototype Fiddler A, main variant Fiddler B, trainer version Tu-128T with second cockpit were conversions of standard aircraft. From 1970-79 most Tu-128 were updated to Tu-128M configuration with improved low altitude capability, uprated RP-SM Smerch-M radar, and modified radar-guided R-4RM and infrared-homing R-4TM missile sets. Tu-128 was retired from service in 1989/90.
12 sprues, L: 439mm, W: 250mm, Total parts: 130+
Plastic model assembly kit, requires paint and glue.
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Released Dec'18